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How an innovative positioning
change made a blockbuster
best seller out of First Brand's
Glad Lock Storage Bags:

Talk about marketing problems. First Brand's Snap Lock bags made a disappointing showing in test market. They wanted to know what to do.

We determined that the low share was due to poor positioning of the product, a non-memorable name and a product difference that was perceived by consumers as meaningless and expensive.

First, a new bag was developed with a real seal that changed colors as it was closed.

Second, the basic positioning of the product was changed to allow the consumer to "rationalize" the added expense. The new positioning -- The bag that's so simple, husbands and kids get it right every time" struck an immediate chord with our purchaser -- the woman of the house. These consumers were able to see when the bag was closed so freshness is assured.

Third, the name Snap Lock was changed to Glad Lock to reflect its heritage.

The new product/positioning combination made marketing history. From a test market failure Glad Lock is consistently challenging Dow's Zip Lock for marketing supremacy with a 40 share of market in key areas.

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