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We're with you every step of the way in a proven program that leads to product success.


We've helped some of the largest companies in the world achieve amazing results.  We're here to help you identify your market, develop new products for those buyers and assure your profitability.



Garoto, S.A. is the largest chocolate
manufacturer in South America, but
had no presence in the U.S.
--  until we turned the situation around. 

Garoto had never been able to crack the U.S. market and wanted to know how. So we created an inventory of more than fifty new product concepts, variances and positionings until we knew we had the winners.

As part of the project, we explored, defined and refined 

  • new products
  • key positionings
  • new names
  • a tri-level multi brand strategy

The brands are being launched to immediate sales and Garoto is delighted with he short and long term breakthrough brand opportunity.

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