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When American Express wanted
new products for their Card 
Members, we gave them enough 
to start a division.

The bank card and finance business is fiercely competitive. That's why American Express challenged us to create and position a new line of loan products and services for their newly acquired bank. They already had an inventory of possible ideas and wanted to find out which were most appealing. More importantly, they wanted to develop a special niche that would make these and future products appealing to card members. and, of course, they wanted new ideas for products and services.

  • In this and subsequent projects we created and positioned:
  • American Express Gift Cheques
  • Membership Savings Program (we showed American Express how to use their bills as a selling tool)
  • Five new loan products

Our work with American Express card holders showed that they would not accept just any loan products -- they could get these from any bank -- but only those that fit in with their perceived lifestyles.

Our work was so successful they created an entire, separate division to market the products.

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