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Marketing Straight to the Heart



Straight to the Heart

Win the hearts of customers--and their wallets will follow!

Marketing Straight to the Heart offers a refreshing alternative to by-the-number marketing solutions; Feig maintains that pushing your customers' emotional hot buttons is the most powerful selling tool of all. Although marketing to emotions is elusive and un-quantifiable -- and so most marketers tend to ignore this dynamic-- Feig encourages marketers to concentrate on customer loyalty, or "share of heart" instead of focusing on building market share.

Feig shows you how to define your customers' hot buttons and address them in every stage of product development and marketing. He teaches the over-all concepts behind "share of heart" marketing as well as the importance of researching and honing the correct emotional impact for both new and established products.

This book is written in a humorous style and language that can be easily understood by everyone involved in marketing. No jargon -- no nonsense here. This is a book for veteran CEOs as well as students and first time marketing assistants.

Straight to the Heart proves that no company, no matter how seemingly invincible, can ignore the reality of their customers' emotions. Feig uses dozens success stories like M&Ms, New Coke, Thera-Flu and Toilet Duck as well as anonymous failures that sit in cold, dark warehouses to substantiate his premise,

A product with emotion says to the customer: "I know who you are and what you want. More important, I care enough about you to give you exactly that." This is the kind of product that appeals to consumers' self-image, ego, and desire to feel special. (And, where the heart leads, the mind follows.)

Marketing Straight to the Heart shows how to:

  • Use proven "hot buttons" that work for most products
  • Develop a product so you know (in advance) that it has a market
  • Revive a stagnating brand by "rekindling fires"
  • Build "emotion" into every phase of the marketing plan

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